Marine and industrial engineering services

A vision of better engineering

Solutions orientated, responsive, problem solving and progressive innovation.

Conveniently located in Cape Town, South Africa, Hesper Engineering’s team of service engineers and technicians are on hand around the clock to provide tailor-made solutions that meet the individual needs of our clients.

As a Level 2 B-BBEE contributor, we offer fully-integrated and turnkey solutions to the manufacturing, heavy engineering, mining and FMCG sectors. Using cutting edge technology, our team can undertake anything from small emergency repairs to large-scale fabrication projects across a range of industry sectors.

Turnkey project management

Seamless contract delivery

Understanding the unique requirements of every project, Hesper Engineering is able to support both small and large multi-disciplinary undertakings that comply with all relevant regulations.

By providing a single point of contact for a project, our integrated solutions offer in-depth expertise while minimising the risk across the full life of the project.

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Steel fabrication and supply

Custom steel solutions

Hesper Engineering is an excellence-driven custom steel fabricator and supplier that offers fast, quality solutions to serve a variety of customer needs.

In touch with the current market, we are able to assess project requirements to provide an accurate forecast of time and material costs.

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Specialised rigging services

Safe and efficient

Hesper Engineering is able to supply a full range of rigging equipment to ensure the safety of any rigging project.

We are committed to providing dynamic solutions by being pro-active in our project approach, especially when it comes to specialised rigging needs, providing reliability in a safe working environment which comes from years of industry experience.

Our hands-on approach ensures continuity and successful implementation of all plans.

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Specialised inspection services

Optimising asset management

At Hesper Engineering, we understand the importance of vessel inspections to ensure the health and safety of crewmembers and those working on board.

A thorough inspection can provide important information about the vessel’s condition and value that will inform future decisions by the owner or manager.

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Ship repair

Comprehensive vessel services

Hesper Engineering offers a range of maintenance and repair services that cover your vessel from hull to engine, ensuring that it remains in Class at all times.

Specialising in on-site repairs, we can respond to emergency and breakdown situations; or can undertake planned maintenance as well as dry dock or conversion projects.

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Propulsion system specialists

Optimising power and efficiency

As propulsion system specialists, Hesper Engineering concentrates on attention to detail at the systems level.

Our team of experienced and highly skilled engineers are able to reliably meet your propulsion requirements.

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Installation and commissioning of auxiliary marine systems

Engineering to enhance performance

Hesper Engineering has the capacity and ability to maintain, repair, retrofit and / or install various marine auxiliary systems.

From valves, valve actuators, pumps, gearboxes, winches, hydraulic systems, piping infrastructures, heat exchangers, and water treatment systems, trust us with your auxiliary equipment.

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Complete general carpentry

Providing additional services to the shipbuilding sector, Hesper Engineering handles turnkey galley, accommodation, laundry and workshop outfitting that specialises in cabinetry layout, fabrication and installations.

Our expertise is geared towards woodwork layouts and fibreglass mouldings.

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Hesper Engineering accreditations

Assuring quality and excellence

hesper engineering is trace certified.

We have robust in house anti-bribery and anti-corruption policies and insist on transparency in all our dealings. We are TRACE certified.

  • Across the board transparency
  • Constant lines of communication
  • Complete support & documentation
hesper engineering iso 9001 Certified

Hesper Engineering is certified to the ISO 9001 Quality Management System Standards.

We have maintained this certification, without lapse. We are continually improving our quality processes and procedures to adapt to our customers’ needs.

Hesper Engineering is a B-BBEE Level 2 Contributor.

Hesper Engineering is a B-BBEE Level 2 contributor.

Our belief in BEE awareness, training and development is our driving force to empower the nation.